HER chats with Frankie Adams


You know her and love her. She’s the Samoan/Kiwi-girl-next-door who has graced our screens as ‘Ula’ in New Zealand prime-time television show Shortland Street and now  ‘Bobbie Draper’ in the science fiction television series The Expanse. Born in Savaii, Samoa, Frankie Adams has made the arduous journey from Auckland to Hollywood. As a teine Samoa – we are so proud that one of us has made it. HER has the honour of having a quick Q & A with the talented actress about the leading ladies in her life and all things career.  


Getting to know you

Name: Frankie Adams

Age: 25

Ethnicity: Samoan/Kiwi

Villages: Sapapali’i , Savai’i

Tell us about yourself:

I was born in Samoa then moved to New Zealand with my family. I went on to go to Owairaka Primary, Kowhai Intermediate and Auckland Girls Grammar school. I haven’t gone to university (yet) it’s always been a goal and dream to further my studies.


For the sisters

Frankie pictured with her Mum + sisters. (Photo courtesy of: @frankieadams IG)

Frankie pictured with her Mum + sisters. (Photo courtesy of: @frankieadams IG)

You’ve grown up in female-dominated family with your Mum and two sisters, how has this relationship shaped you as a woman?

My mum has shown me resilience, tenaciousness, effortless charm and an incredible zest for life. My sisters have taught me patience and loyalty. I am fortunate to have a close circle of unconditional love and understanding that I hope one day to acquire these qualities!

What is something that you have learnt from your Mum that you have taken with you overseas?

She’s always been quite present and vivacious which I love. She’s got the most infectious, genuine laugh and it makes everyone feel her joy! Oh - and she taught me how to stand up for myself.

What is something about having a sister that you appreciate?

They are a compulsory friend which means they can be completely (but sometimes unnecessarily) honest. My sisters and I are getting to the age where we are all kinda adult-ish. It’s been a lovely transition going from sisters to friends. I really miss them when we’re apart!

Frankie and her Mum (Photo courtesy of: @frankieadams IG)

Frankie and her Mum (Photo courtesy of: @frankieadams IG)

Who inspires you as a woman?

·      Mum

·      My sisters

·      My friends

·      My colleagues

·      (I want to be specific but there’s a lot )

·      Teachers

·      Nurses

·      Mothers all over the world

·      Jacinda

·      Beyonce

·      There really are far too many to name but you get the idea


Living in the US, what is something that you miss most about home?

Being able to drive 2 minutes and be at my friends house, mums cooking, family, family pets, mince and cheese pies etc etc. Mostly just missing friends and family.

What is one way you celebrate self-love?

I love new sheets and sleeping in. Do it. So good!


Film + Career

What is something that you have learnt from your past projects?

I guess I’ve learnt to not sweat the small stuff. To really embrace and appreciate the moment because every experience has been so unique and fleeting!

For the budding actresses reading this, what are some ways girls can make their break into the film industry?

Start with classes and workshops. This is hugely important as it gives you chance to put you out of your comfort zone and challenge you! From there you can work your way into auditioning and getting an agent. Remember there is only one you so embrace it as this is what makes you unique and special. Cheesy but true.

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Thank you so much Frankie for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with HER. Continue paving the way for young wahine who aspire to follow in your footsteps. You are an inspiration! Love your work, sister xxxx

Falen Stevenson