Where's All My Soul Sisters?


Tatiana Hirovanaa -  the woman behind The Soul Sister Centre

Tatiana is a Holistic Life Coach, and owner of  Soul Sister Centre. She  is shining her light by helping women reach their true potential. Here I talk to the 24-year-old about her career, her passion for the Sisterhood and how her faith journey has played a huge part in her story.



In a time where there is so much going on in our lives (that can plague us), Tatiana is helping women break down those walls that might cause women to feel doubt, fear and insecurity of their future. She is helping them realise their purpose in life. 

The Soul Sister Centre is a place where Tatiana is exercising her skills as a Life Coach. It has been something on her heart from a very young age.  And she recalls having numerous dreams throughout her childhood about opening a wellness hub for women.  

“Since I was a very young girl, I had visions that I would have some sort of place for women from all walks of life to be unconditionally welcomed into, lifted up in purpose, embraced in their vulnerability, and accounted for along their unique journey. That is the heart behind The Soul Sister Centre, and it has barely even scratched the surface of its full potential; which is exciting,” she says. 

The Cook Island/Tahitian beauty knows what she is doing and has the qualifications to back it up. She is a certified in her role as a Holistic Life Coach, is currently studying to become a Health, Psychology and Nutrition Life Coach and also has a Bachelor in Theology majoring in Pastoral care. 


Tatiana is all about promoting mental and spiritual wellness. And her faith in God has been the foundation in building her vision for The Soul Sister Centre. 

“My relationship with God is the governing force and voice of my life. Everything flows from it. When I am spiritually malnourished and distant, every other sphere of my world suffers: mentally, emotionally, physically. I cannot thrive on my own strength without God, there is no wellness for me outside of His grace and power,” she shares.

“Accepting Jesus as Lord, means accepting that I am no longer in control. This is a hard fact to accept in our world that is all about “self-sufficiency,” and so letting God be God, means letting go of my human desire to want to control everything and trust that His plan is greater than mine. This takes humility, and to me, staying grounded comes from being perpetually humble.”

She says that her work as a Life Coach lies in helping women get from A to B. She allows women to address where their needs are, from there, she helps them achieve their goals. 

It’s “all about keeping the process future-focused,” she adds, so her clients constantly have something to work towards. 

Her transparency makes it easy for women to be able to sit down and really open up with her. And because she is so open with the things she blogs about (from relationship advice to achieving a work-life balance) women naturally feel comfortable around her. 

“I feel like young people are desperately searching for, or at least yearning for content with substance and truth, in a way that is real and relatable… which is what I hope to think I share online – and that just comes as an extension of who I am offline,” she says. 

“I really have nothing to hide, and I don’t know how else to be other than truthful and transparent. I believe we are all so much more alike than we are dissimilar, which is why others probably relate so easily because they can identify themselves in my story too. But unless you’re sharing your story, you will feel so lonely in this world like nobody understands.”



When asked what the main issues women commonly face, Tatiana has identified the most common gaps where woman struggle: 

  • Lack of confidence in their passions + purpose. Most women know deep down what they want in life, but there’s no follow through because they are overcome by fear which eventually turns to apathy & settling 
  • Disconnection from their faith. Women are deeply spiritual & emotional creatures, who are always searching for connection to a higher power. I seem to draw in a lot of women who want to grow in their spiritual life which is beautiful and essential to growth
  • Relational dissatisfaction. All women want/deserve to be in healthy, loving, thriving relationships, however majority of my clients often find themselves in relationships that are completely the opposite to that for a number of reasons, most of which come from self-sabotaging beliefs & worldviews shaped by their pasts
  • Discovering health & wellness. A lot of my clients want to get in shape, build their fitness, change their poor eating habits and look good… and they want to achieve all of the above in 24 hours. Yet mindset is everything; beginning with banishing comparison + negative self-talk. Because health is a wholesome lifestyle change, not a quick-fix diet/exercise program

Now I’m sure all women can relate to at least one of these issues. And Tatiana is aware of how these struggles affect us.

If you, or anyone you may know might need direction. Tatiana wants to help you. Her love for the sisterhood and ultimately, YOUR WELLBEING, really matters to her. 

“I am a firm believer that men and women are all equally made in the image of God. I also believe women are the crowning jewel of creation. God created Adam, but saw that his perfect plan was unfulfilled and “not good” (Genesis 2:8) without Eve. That means women play a profoundly significant part in the Kingdom, and are to be esteemed accordingly,” she says.

There is power in those words, and I cannot help but reiterate how important this is for us women to remember. 

Her ultimate dream is for The Soul Sister Centre to have an actual building in New Zealand, with centres and offices around the world. And I am rooting for this plan to become a reality.

For now, I applaud her, and other women online, who are crusading together to uplift the Sisterhood with wisdom and daily affirmations.

“My dream is for The Soul Sister Centre to be a creative wellness hub, offering all different services from a wholefoods café, a gym, seminar rooms, lifecoaching/counselling/personal development therapy, and so so so much more.”

“We [women] are so close to God the Creator since we are the only creators of life on earth - aka natural miracle makers! I want all my sisters around the world to be empowered and connected through these truths. This is how me and my biological sisters view and love each other, and is the reason why sisterhood is so important to me.” 



Being a Life Coach isn’t the only thing that Tatiana does for work. Recently she gave up her wings as a Long Haul Flight Attendant for Qantas. Read more about that journey below: 

Your ‘Why I Quit my 9-5 life’ blog mentions how you transitioned to flying and how you are the healthiest and happiest you’ve been – what is it about flying that has assisted you in this way?

It just opened up the world (figuratively/literally) to me, and allowed me to spread my wings (pun-intended) to be wild and free. You can be anyone you want to be when you’re in unfamiliar cities and landscapes. There is so much undiscovered liberty in that which you can’t always get in the comfort of your same-old routine life.

As a flight attendant, what have you learnt the most about people throughout your travels?

That majority of people lose their sense of self in a confined space where they are no longer in control of their surroundings. Being on an aircraft is uncomfortable and unfamiliar, which more often than not pulls out people’s weaknesses and makes them vulnerable (and sometimes really stupid – honesty hour LOL) It is so revealing of how truly patient, kind and considerate you truly are as a person when you are a passenger.

Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

It actually isn’t. It still isn’t. I just want to travel the world, and see God’s creation – and if I can get paid to do it while I grow up then I’m here for it.



Website: www.soulsistercentre.com

IG: @soulsistercoach


Thank you for sharing your story Tatiana! We can’t wait to see all your dreams come into fruition. Always here rooting for you and the Sisterhood! 


Alarice Stuart