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Chats with Tay from Stevie & Tay

Samaon-Aussie twins Stevie & Tay are paving the way for Pacific women who are taking charge of their health and wellness. If you are like me, and have consistently followed their journey on Instragram and YouTube, you will know that their philosophy to living your best life includes a strong focus on self-love, self-care and self-education. 


The twins have made a point to educate not only their family, but now their followers in the pursuit of living a healthier life – and it is so refreshing to see Pacific women lead a movement such as theirs.  

I am an avid follower. So it was a BIG deal for me to have the opportunity to sit down with one-half of the sister duo, Tay, when she was in Auckland. Here are some encouraging lessons Tay shared with HER that will help YOU start your journey. 



Tay had her ‘A-HA’ moment five years ago, after realising that her lifestyle choices were really taking a toll on her body. Now, 28, and mother to two-year-old Ziggy (and bub on the way), this light bulb moment set her on a 360 degree lifestyle change. 

I thought I was taking care of my body doing all these crazy diets with restrictions. But my body was suffering. I suffered severely from eczema, headaches, chronic fatigue, my digestive system was messed up. I was just not feeling great. I looked alright on the outside but I know on the inside it was a different story. Something had to change. I wanted to find a better way of living,” she recalls.

“Now since I am a mother, I know I have to live a life that’s not only healthy for me but for Ziggy. Having him transformed me massively. My growth has increased since becoming a Mum.” 



The health and wellness ambassador says she then started educating herself with as much knowledge as possible. And this is one of the main things WE CAN ALL DO to find out what works best for us. 

Tay says she was never a big reader, but now has a library of books that she has collected over the years. It all started with her own personal search to find the best foods for her body. She switched her focus to gut health – which was the turning point for her. 

“When I was living in Japan, I decided that I wanted to educate myself and got addicted to reading books, watching documentaries and even attended seminars. As I started to learn more, I began to realise that there was so much I didn’t know. I haven’t stopped educating myself and I'm still learning to this day,” she says.

“Once I started to work on my gut health, I discovered a lot of my health problems disappeared. It really changed everything and I feel it’s a great place for others to start too. My whole family is on board with this journey and they really trust my opinion because they know I really do educate myself.”



It was only a matter of time before she joined forces with her twin, Stevie, who saw the benefits this change had on enjoying a holistic lifestyle. As sisters, they want to share their collective experiences with others and consequently the 10-episode series on YouTube was created.

We started with a YouTube channel to see if it would help somebody. It was empowering because the response from others showed that others resonated with what we had to say. We then had a vision to do workshops at our local health café that just opened up. Now we have speakers once a month, documentary nights and food demos. This is the next phase of what we are currently doing for the next six months,” she shares.

“A big part of our work is all about giving back to the people. We are from the west of Sydney and there aren’t many health and wellness places. We just want to educate our community and the Pacific community to go back to the basics to how our ancestors would eat basic wholefoods – nothing processed and that’s as simple as it gets. It doesn’t need to be complicated.”

“And I think because we are Samoan, Pacific people can relate to us. So many people are doing things in the wellness world but we don’t really see any other Polynesians making a stand. So, this is when we come and say - WE CAN ALL DO THIS TOO GUYS.”





When asked “what do you think attracts women to your work,” Tay believes that their vulnerability and transparency is what women love the most. They pride themselves on being honest and raw and encourage other women to “keep it real,” with themselves and others, she says. 

“I think when other women see that we share our struggles, that is something they relate to. You don’t have to be perfect in life. We encourage women to empower themselves through loving and taking care of their body.”

“And with social media, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes I love it in the way that it can raise awareness and connect people. But there’s also the other dark side where you are constantly looking at beautiful photos that aren’t realistic. And many women compare themselves to other women. Once you love yourself and be that authentic you – that’s when you begin to evolve even more.”



The sisters have come from humble beginnings, and are not ashamed to share it. Their father left Samoa (Lepea) in search for a better life in Australia and met their mother along the way. Tay admires how her father built his own successful concreting business from the bottom up. Their mother, has been their main role model in teaching them how to be strong, fearless women. 

“My parents are my biggest inspiration. My mum – she is someone who has always lived her truth. She always speaks her mind and she has the best intentions and always come from love. And Dad really started from nothing and I always look at him and admire him. I admire how he educated himself and just went ahead and did it himself. If my parents can do that then I can do everything. My dad says ‘if you try your best that’s all I can ask for’ and my parents have never held us back from our dreams.”

You are a reflection of the company you keep, and Tay strongly believes there is real power when women band together. By starting with self-love on the inside, she says you will then attract like-minded people and people that are good for your soul.

“There is something unstoppable when women come together and I always say it’s the women who change the world. From the beginning of time we have those maternal instincts. We know how to raise our babies, we are in-tune with nature. There is something so transforming in childbirth where this switch just emerges a lioness – like do not mess with us,” she laughs. 

“Everyone is on their own journey. I’m all for empowering women. Let’s stop shaming and bashing each other. Let’s stop comparing. We all just need to love each other. WE ARE A SISTERHOOD.”



The journey the twins have been on has allowed them to connect better with their intuition. Tay and Stevie believe that at the core of their positive mindset is the confidence to live your own truth and not to focus on pleasing others. 

I remember when I wasn’t living my truth. I was living this lie and this is how I had to be or how people wanted to see me. I know what it was like to feel insecure. When you go on this journey and start awakening your soul by taking care of your body, you start to become in tune with your body and intuition and what your gut is really telling you,” she shares. 

And for us women, it all starts here. 

“If I love myself then I don’t need anyone else’s validation or acceptance. Live your life for you and be true to yourself. If I died tomorrow and I was pretending to be this other person – what a waste of my life.”



Here is a list of Tay’s must-read books that helped kick-start her journey:

Sweet Poison by David Gillespie

A book exposing the truth about sugar. How to avoid fructose AND STILL enjoy food and lose weight. 

Make Peace with Your Plate by Jessica Ainscough

Jessica’s journey from party-girl to cancer patient. It’s all about how she overcome food and body image issues and is now a healthy lifestyle ambassador.

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

Celebrity Cameron Diaz shares her holistic approach to making consistent choices and reaching the ultimate goal: a long, strong, happy, healthy life. 



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Thank you for sharing your story with us, Tay. You are a light in the wellness world! So proud to see you and Stevie use your platform to inspire women. I will continue to be an avid supporter of you both! Team Stevie & Tay forevs lol.


Alarice Stuart